The Fleur Flock
Welcome to Flicker&Fleur's Agnes&Dora of the Month Club! Otherwise known as The Fleur Flock. Being a member of the Flock has some fun benefits! A monthly box with anywhere from 1-3 gorgeous Agnes&Dora pieces personally picked by Taryn and delivered to your door. Each box will also include a little something extra! And best of all--entrée into a special group where you will enjoy some special perks.

Option 1:
This option is ideal for anyone on a tighter budget but who wants to step outside their comfort zone and try a new style every month!
Price range $30-50
Shipping $7

Option 2:
This option is perfect for people who feel like they have trouble putting together outfits. I will handpick two Agnes&Dora pieces for you that come together to make a gorgeous ensemble.
Price range $75-100
Shipping $7

Option 3:
This option is for you if you are queen of the layered look or want multiple options! This level will contain three pieces of Agnes&Dora that play together to create one fabulous outfit, or two takes on one look.
Price range $100-150
Shipping $12

This is a monthly subscription service. You will be billed on the 1st of every month, but you may cancel at any point, at which time you will be removed from the Fleur Flock Facebook group.

Exchanges only. However, as a perk of the Fleur Flock, you have a full 30 days to exchange your pieces and I will cover shipping on your replacement piece.

In order to put together the best box for you, I just need a little information.

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