Saint James Return to In Person Worship
Dear Saint James Presbyterian Church Congregation:
To have our church family have the option of returning to the sanctuary for worship, the Session has
asked a small committee of members to plan for this experience. The committee’s plan, which will be
submitted to the Session for approval in the future, includes maintaining a virtual worship experience
(Zoom, Facebook Live and Phone) while also resuming limited in-person worship.
Since we are still working on our plan, we don’t yet have details to share, nor do we have a
recommended date for resuming in-person worship.
However, as we are planning, we need to hear from you. Please take a few moments to complete our
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1. Prior to the pandemic, how often did you attend church in person per month?
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2. Based on what I know today, most likely I will be comfortable returning to in-person worship by ____________________ (Please respond with the month and year that will work for you.)
3. If you are comfortable worshipping in person, how many Sundays per month would you want to do so?
4. Based on what I know today, I am most comfortable continuing to worship virtually.
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5. If you have not been vaccinated, would you like help in making an appointment?
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6. What else should this committee consider as they plan for resuming in-person worship?
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