Kibble 2 Care, Inc. Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Kibble 2 Care! We accept any and all people who want to join us in keeping pets at home, and share our same mission and goal.

We have a volunteer facebook page! Please search request to join after filling out this document.
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Please briefly describe previous work and volunteer experience and why this will benefit your work at Kibble 2 Care *
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I acknowledge and understand that by volunteering at Kibble 2 Care,Inc., I agree to not hold Kibble 2 Care, Inc. responsible for any damages or injuries during volunteer work. I understand that by working with animals their are risks, and I will not hold Kibble 2 Care, Inc. responsible. I am volunteering at my own risk. ***This is an electronic signature and is binding, and acts as a waiver. *
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