Impact on Education Student Advisory Board Application 2019-2020
Hello! Thank you for your interest in our second-ever, first official yearlong, Impact on Education Student Advisory Board (SAB). As we kick off a new year, we are looking to convene a group of BVSD students who care about their schools, care about their classmates, and care about BVSD and its direction. We expect that this Board will offer a student perspective and help guide our future investments in our students and schools.

Impact on Education was founded in 1983 and serves as the foundation supporting all BVSD schools. Our wide-ranging projects and programs drive innovation, foster excellence, and enhance the learning throughout the district in each of our 56 schools, thus impacting over 31,000 local students and 4,000 educators each year. We focus our efforts on building support for public education, providing opportunities for students and helping them overcome barriers, and bringing innovations and best practices to our schools.

We are looking for current BVSD high school students--ideally who represent each of the district high schools-- to dive in with us and share thoughts and perspectives on questions such as

How and in what areas does BVSD most need to innovate (instruction, learning, enrollment, curriculum, extra-curricular activities, etc.)?
What types of barriers or challenges do students in BVSD face?
How can Impact on Education best partner to help deliver innovation to the school district?

If selected to join this Board for school year 2019-2020, you will

--meet with the other Student Advisory Board members monthly from October through May. Dinner will be provided at a central location to be determined. Please do not apply unless you believe you will be able to make this yearlong commitment.
--share your experience, your perspective, and your ideas regarding your school and BVSD in general
--collaborate with fellow SAB members to examine areas in need of innovation and then construct an original initiative to pilot either school-wide or district-wide
--volunteer 5 hours over the course of the school year in any number of capacities or at any number of events (e.g., office help, event registration, event participation)

Our goal with the Board is to provide an opportunity for more student involvement in both our efforts and in BVSD efforts and utilize student input and priorities to fulfill our mission of increasing student achievement, creating opportunities for all students, and building support for BVSD and public education.

Apply now! The application deadline is Sunday, September 22, 2019 at 9p. We'd like to hear your voice and thoughts about your school and about BVSD! And then, we want to turn that voice into action!

Note: Please be sure to use an email address you check regularly.
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Can you commit to five hours of volunteering with Impact on Education over the course of the entire year? You will be given a variety of opportunities that require a variety of tasks and a variety of contexts from which to choose. *
Thank you for your application. Decisions will be made by end of September.
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