The Questions of Artificial Intelligence
Peaceful Science wants your questions about AI. We are a community of diverse people, taking a different approach to grand questions. What ever you background, let us know your questions.
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What Are The Questions?
There are two types of AI to think about. What are your questions?

First, there is the "here and now" AI of today, which is usually mindless and disembodied. Not like the AI of science fiction, it is here and now, and reshaping the world. Several societal and ethical questions are rising.

Second, there is the speculative future of AI, which some think might include artificial minds and embodied persons. We only see this now in fiction. Commander Data of Star Trek. The Cylons of Battlestar Galactica.

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What Does it Mean to be Human?
My questions about the AI of today...
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My questions about the AI of the future...
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