We are located in the heart of Sarawak and we create great moments for gamers.

About us
- The first internet cafe to introduce eSports arena, est 2007 #gizmoleads #othersfollow
- A small team doing great esports, managed purely by Sarawakian #kamekmiaksarawak
- Fully equipped with esports graded gears #NVIDIA #Asus #DXRacer #LogitechG
- Stage and premium room is available for streaming and gaming #gizmogaming
- Integrate gamers, organizors, sponsors, publishers, tournaments & audience all under one roof #gizmoarena
- DotA2, CSGO, PUBG, Fortnite, ROS, LoL, you name it, you'll have it! #gizmogamers

How to get here:
Google Map: http://bit.ly/gizmomap
Using Waze: http://bit.ly/gizmowaze
Still lost? Try here: http://bit.ly/gizmo4sq
Don't give up, contact us here: http://m.me/gizmoarena

Google Review: http://bit.ly/gizmoreview
Event portfolio: http://bit.ly/gizmogamersportfolio
Sarawak’s Talents: http://bit.ly/gizmohalloffame
Talent’s fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/gizmogaming
Press release: http://bit.ly/gizmopressrelease

The FIRST ROG iCAFE certified in Sarawak, powered by ASUS
The FIRST GOLD GeForce GTX iCAFE in Sarawak, NOW accept payment with Boost #gizmoleads GOOGLE MAP: http://bit.ly/gizmomap
Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming is now available at GIZMO!
PLAY ON GTX1060 with NEW 7.1 Headset @RM2/hr
Powerhouse of Nvidia, Asus, Logitech and DXRacer
Premium Streaming Island for Streamers
zGold-MOLpoints is now available at Gizmo Arena!
Steam wallet code is available at Gizmo Arena
Official DXRacer Showroom in Sarawak http://www.dxracer.com.my/showroom/
Equipped with Professional grade gaming gears - LOGITECH G
Press CONTINUE to participate in upcoming events and announcements
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