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I understand that as a h.ART volunteer I am a representative of h.ART and agree to conduct myself in a friendly and professional manner.

I understand that the effective operation of h.ART activities is dependent on the work of volunteers and therefore will endeavor to be punctual and reliable in relation to the times I have agreed to volunteer. I will endeavor to give the Volunteer Coordinator at least 24 hours notice if I am unable to fulfill my commitments as scheduled.

I understand that I am expected to read the volunteer briefing notes and adhere to that detailed within.

I understand I am covered by the Lobethal Community Association's Volunteer Insurance for all volunteer work carried out during my scheduled shifts, on the condition I ‘sign-in’ and ‘sign-out’ of the 'workplace' every shift.

By submitting this form I agree that I will abide by the conditions of volunteering as outlined
I consent to photographs of me volunteering being used for promotional purposes by h.ART
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