DC Childcare Collective Individual Gig Application Form
The DC Childcare Collective (DCCC) was founded on the belief that childcare is a crucial issue of accessibility. When our radical organizing spaces fail to offer childcare, we unwittingly exclude the mothers, women of color, and people from low-income backgrounds who are critical leaders of our movements. DCCC is committed to removing that barrier by offering volunteer childcare as an act of political solidarity.

Our current membership is predominantly white and middle-class, with the privilege to be able to do childcare on a volunteer basis. As a group committed to racial and economic justice, we must be mindful not to undercut opportunities for paid childcare providers and perpetuate further economic harm. Our organization’s goal is to provide childcare for activists & organizations for whom the cost of childcare is an accessibility barrier.

You can also download this form as a PDF from this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q0uAm6Ao35_TV4Gz6BP8Z1QkuISs5oQU/view?usp=sharing and email it to dckids@gmail.com .
Could your organization afford to pay for childcare?
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Are there other ways that DCCC can support your organization's efforts with childcare?
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