End-of-Quarter Survey – DSC 10, Spring 2024
Hi! πŸ‘‹ Congrats on almost making it through DSC 10!

We'd like to collect feedback from you on this course in two ways:
1. Through Student Evaluations of Teaching (SETs)*, which will ask you whether you recommend the course and the instructors and how much time you spent on the course.
2. Through this survey, which will ask you for detailed feedback on all aspects of the course.

Both are equally important. SETs are often used to make hiring decisions for instructors. This survey will give us the information we need to make improvements to the course in future offerings.Β Both surveys are anonymous. We will provide you with an opportunity to identify yourself at the end of the survey if there's something you want us to know.

In order to incentivize students to fill out these surveys, if at least 75% of the class fills out BOTH this survey and SETs, we will add 1% of extra credit to everyone's overall course grade.Β The deadline to complete both surveys is Saturday, June 8th at 8AM.

This survey should take about 15 to 30 minutes to complete. We'll try and minimize the overlap between the questions here and the questions on the Mid-Quarter Survey, which you likely already filled out as well.Β Please fill this survey out after you've submitted the Final Project.

We appreciate your feedback. Best of luck with your final exams!

*SETs replace CAPEs as of Fall 2023, if you're familiar with CAPEs.
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