Midterm Exam_66_S2020Corona
This exam is open book; you may use any notes or materials. It will be open from April 20 -22. Please allow yourself enough time to get completed in one sitting.
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In Scott v. Sandford, the Supreme Court of the United States interpreted the Constitution using: *
In Scott v. Sandford, after Dred Scott was told Africans were never intended to be U.S. Citizens, what is one possible way he resisted this label of inferiority? *
Please describe briefly how the Supreme Court in Scott v. Sandford used Power 1 and how Scott used Power 2: *
How did Thurgood Marshall use Power 2 against the individual States who decided to separate white kids from non-white kids. *
How did Thurgood Marshall use the LAW to show the Supreme Court "separate can never be equal"? *
Explain how Power 3 and Law 3 are used in the following readings: Quest for Legal Sovererignty, Politics of Land Reform, and Power of Self-Definition. Use quotes from the reader and cite to the page number. Be clear about how each of the readings uses power and law in the same way. *
Please pick one reading not yet discussed and explain how this reading deepened your understanding of the complex and dynamic relationship between law and power using the language or law as a command, law as a limit to the abuse of power, and how groups use the law to both exercise power over others and to resist the power of other groups. *
How would you define law from your own lived experience? Use an example. *
How is your lived experience with Law different or similar to a reading from the Law and Identity Reader? *
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