Pilgrims of the Sun and Stars Application
The Pilgrimage of Sun & Stars is a focused, intensive year long, nine session online journey. While many celebrate the witch's sabbats through a series of unconnected myths and rituals, the entire sequence can be a cohesive pattern of mystery, service, and evolution. The cycle is linked to both the local deities of the land to the Temple of Witchcraft’s home temple and a greater cosmic mythos encompassing the world.

Through the roles of the dual gods, triple goddesses, seer, sovereign, sorcerer, and the four keepers of the elements, build a group consciousness guiding the interplay of the tides and cycles of life and Magick. Work with the rise and fall of the Red Ray working the land and elements expressing the mysteries of the stars.

Assume one of the twelve ritual offices for the year, and work the mystery of life and death, light and dark, in the mythos of the Temple of Witchcraft for yourself, community and the world. Participate deeply in the turning of the seasons and the rise and descent of the primal powers.
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