STUBC 2019 TEACHER Evaluation Oct-Nov
This anonymous survey is designed for TEACHERS who took part in the Student Blogging Challenge from October-November 2019.

Please take a moment to share your thoughts so we can improve the challenge next time!
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This survey is only for teacher participants.
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How would you rate the challenge overall? *
What was your favourite STUBC topic?
What do you think about the length of the challenge?
We changed the challenge from 10 weeks to 8 weeks this time.
Which areas do you think your students improved in throughout the challenge? *
Which of these did you find helpful? *
Tick any/all that apply
What do you think about the NUMBER OF TASKS offered each week? *
What do you think about the AMOUNT OF INFORMATION offered in the weekly posts? *
Did your students visit other blogs throughout the challenge? *
Did you use the Flipboard magazine? *
What did you like about the Student Blogging Challenge?
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Do you have any suggestions for how we can improve the challenge?
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