IACP Season 3 Playtest Survey
Thanks for participating in our project! Your thoughts will help the project produce Skirmish content that will help keep the game fun, fresh and worthy of our time.

Your email address will never be shared with anyone outside of the Skirmish Committee. The Committee collects your email in order to have a way to contact you for further questions.
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Which version of Season 3 Content did you playtest? *
If you playtested more than one version and leave written feedback below, please indicate with version you're discussing. Example: "Boba Fett (v2.1) didn't do enough damage."
Your consistent feedback matters!
When you playtest the IACP Official Changes this season, come back to this form and record your results. It could be just one game, or several games over the course of a day or few weeks; whatever works best for your schedule. Please be as thorough as possible.

The Steering Committee will add, change or remove questions based off the observations of play testers. If you see an announcement stating that questions have been added or changed, please take a moment to return to the survey to answer those questions. (You don't have to answer the sections rating the power & fun level of cards if you've recently done so.)
How have you been playing Season 3 content? *
About how many games using Season 3 content have you played during Season 3? *
If you take this survey multiple times, be sure to answer this question with the most recent count.
Which of these best describes you currently as a player? *
This question is designed to give the Steering Committee feedback on what kinds of players are playing IACP this season.
Do you agree with this statement: "I am having fun playing in Season 3." *
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