Affiliate and Publisher Survey 2023
Welcome to this year's publisher survey supported by many of the industry's largest companies. 

We're taking the pulse of the publisher community and would love to understand your attitudes to commissions, networks, advertisers and the wider affiliate and partner marketing channel. 

We will use the results of this survey to share with networks, agencies and advertisers as well as at events and in any future collaborative efforts to improve how affiliate marketing operates.

There are 27 questions and the survey should take you 8-10 mins to complete. We will publish the results, in conjunction with, in June. 

**None of the questions are compulsory** 

Feel free to leave any blank you're not comfortable answering, but we'd really appreciate it if you could fill out the survey as fully as possible.

As a thank you for your time, every submission will be added into a prize draw to win a VIP ticket to this year's PI Live in London: which will include excusive access and extras at the show.

The results of the survey will also be published here:

We are asking you to submit your email address so we can email you the results of the survey. Your personal information will NOT be used for any additional communication, and will not be shared with anyone, inluding any company sending this survey to you.

Thank you for your interest and your time!

NB: This survey is designed for a UK audience but we will accept global data if that's easier.

P.S.: This survey contains credits to get free survey responses at
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Q.1 How long have you, or the business you work for, been an affiliate/publisher?
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Q.2 Which region/market(s) are you, or the business you work for, active in? (please select all that apply)
Q.3 How many people work in your affiliate business (if you're a business with offices in multiple countries, please estimate your global workforce, if you don't know, just focus on your UK business)?
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Q.4 In an average month, how much commission (money paid to you or your business) do you, or the business you work for, earn? Leave blank if you'd rather not say.
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Q.5 If you had to pick one preferred term to describe you, or the business you work for, what would it be?
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Q.6 What best describes your affiliate business and the primary method you use to earn commission (if 'Other' please state)?
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Q.7 What methods and activity do you use to generate traffic and earn commissions (please select all that apply)?
Q.8 What advertiser verticals do you promote through your affiliate activity (please select all that apply)?
Q.9 If you have an email database, how many subscribers do you have?
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Q.10 Please only answer if you charge tenancy payments for your activity. Do you use separate tracking to measure the performance of your tenancy payments? If you offer an alternative please use the 'Other' option to explain.
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Q.11 How many networks / platforms (e.g. Awin, CJ, Impact, Optimise, Partnerize, Rakuten, Tradedoubler, Webgains etc.), are you currently signed up to?
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Q.12 Approximately how many individual affiliate or partner programmes (e.g., Argos, BT, Amazon) have you been approved for (across all networks and platforms you're signed up to, when combined)?
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Q.13 Many small retailers are launching affiliate programmes for the first time. Are you interested in promoting smaller brands?
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Q.14 When you're approved onto an advertiser's programme, typically how quickly, in general, can you start promoting them (assume there aren't any advertiser or network delays to you in actively promoting them)?
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Q.15 When you're approved onto an advertiser's programme, how easy, in general, do you find it to create tracking links or creative?
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Q.16 Thinking about your experience, in general, how would you rate network and platform interfaces overall for how easy they are to use?
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Q.17 Select all the payment and commission types you have received over the past 12 months...
Q.18 Over the past 12 months have the commissions you've earned from affiliate marketing…
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Q. 19 Approximately, what percentage of your revenue, or the revenue of the business you work for, comes from affiliate and partner marketing?
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Q.20 Do you feel that advertisers, in general, pay fair commissions for sales you generate?
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Q.21  What reasons, if any, stop you from earning more commissions (please select all that apply)?
Q.22 Some advertisers do not pay commission for certain products or at certain times. Would this stop you from promoting them altogether?
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Q. 23 When considering which advertisers to promote, what factors are important to you, or the business you work for (please select all that apply)?
Q.24 In light of the current cost of living crisis, has affiliate marketing become for you, or the business you work for,…
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Q.25 Is there any new technology or a new way of promoting advertisers that you're considering using in the next 12 months (e.g. ChatGPT) to generate commissions? If so, please explain what it is. (if there isn't anything or you'd rather not answer, please skip this question).
Q.26 If you could change one thing about affiliate marketing to make it easier for you, or the business you work for, to earn more commissions, what would it be?
Q.27 Anything else? This is your opportunity to share any additional feedback about your experiences of being an affiliate. If there's nothing, just skip this question and you're done!
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