Haeata Community Campus Manukura/Principal Appointment: Community Engagement Survey
Kei te whānau whānui o Haeata Community Campus, e kore e mutu ngā mihi ki a koutou, tēnā koutou katoa. This survey is to gather the thoughts, ideas and opinions of those invested in the recruitment of a new Manukura/Principal at Haeata Community Campus. Your input is important to us and we will use the information you provide to inform our decisions as a Board around recruiting our new Manukura/Principal. This is an anonymous survey and the information collected will only be shared with the Haeata Community Campus Board of Trustees. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at botadmin@haeata.school.nz. Ngā mihi nui.
My role in the Haeata Community. Please tick the box/boxes that best describes your connection to the school. *
What PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES should our new Manukura/Principal have in order to lead Haeata effectively?
Must have - non-negotiable
Should have
Of lesser importance
Manaakitanga - caring, kind and supportive
Energy and enthusiasm
Inspires others
Leads with authority
Approachable and easy to talk with
Has high aspirations and expectations
Dedicated and hard working
Leads by doing
Gets things done
What SKILLS should our new Manukura/Principal have in order to lead Haeata effectively?
Must have - non-negotiable
Should have
Of lesser importance
Focussed on accelerating all students achievement and success
Sets clear and consistent expectations of behaviour
Can identify and resolve conflict quickly, fairly and effectively
Seeks feedback from students on the quality of the teaching they receive and how it impacts on their learning and wellbeing
Makes sure that all students are confident in their identity, language and culture.
Makes sure that all students are engaged in learning and enjoy school
Leads the staff to deliver high quality learning programmes that meets the needs of all students
Thinks and plans strategically to ensure the best outcomes for all students
Leads change
Fosters positive relationships and works in partnership by collaborating with others
Knows how to run a school
What KNOWLEDGE should our new Manukura/Principal have in order to lead Haeata effectively?
Must have - non-negotiable
Should have
Of lesser importance
Deep understanding of effective learning practices for students
Understands obligations as effective treaty partners with tangata whenua and ensures these are being met
Knows and understands the needs of this community well
Te Reo Māori competency
How and when to lead and when to walk alongside others
Puts in place effective and efficient practices, structures and processes that work well for all
Builds relationships with other schools and community groups to increase opportunities for student learning and success
What should our new Manukura/Principal DO in order to lead Haeata effectively? (practices he/she should implement.)
Must do - non-negotiable
Should do
Of lesser importance
Seeks out the thoughts and opinions of students, parents & whānau and ensures they are part of the decision making process
Builds open and trusting relationships with students, parents & whānau, and staff
Works in partnership with iwi/hapū
Grows leaders within the school
Actively engages in the wider community
Allocates resources (time, money, people) equitably (fairly).
Creates a supportive environment for all, focused on student and staff learning and wellbeing
Accessibility - makes him/herself available to staff, students and parents/whānau
Ensures that teachers and support staff get the support they need to be the best they can be
How experienced should our new Manukura/Principal be? (number of years being a leader)
What sector should our new Manukura/Principal have experience in? (primary or secondary schools)
A new Manukura/Principal will create new opportunities for our school. What do think might be some exciting opportunities for Haeata in next 3 years?
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Are there any other comments you wish to make in regards to the appointment of a new Principal at Haeata Community Campus?
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