Art Educators of Minnesota Awards Nomination Form
To recognize outstanding art educators and advocates who demonstrate excellence in the art classroom as well as leadership, dedication and involvement in the community.

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR AWARD: Awarded to a teacher in first 3 years of teaching. Candidate must show evidence of supporting state and national art education initiatives, demonstrate effectiveness in the classroom and in the school community, and show leadership and commitment to the art education field.

DIVISIONAL ART EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR AWARD: Division Awards Awarded to a AEM member from each division who has significantly contributed to the individual's division in art education (Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Higher Education, K-12, Museum Education, Service within Profession, Administration and Retired on the local, state and/or national levels.

ART EDUCATORS OF MINNESOTA ART EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR: Selected from the list of qualified candidates in all divisions. This additional award is recognized both state and National.

May 15, 2019

*A candidate may be nominated in more than one category if professional career demonstrates qualifications.

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