2019 Summer Games Athletics (Track & Field) Registration
To register your Delegations Athletics (Track & Field) Athletes, complete the form below by providing each athlete's Athletics (Track & Field) events and qualifying scores (minutes.seconds:tenths) &/or distances (meter.centimeter). This registration form will allow you to register 10 athletes at a time. Delegations that are larger than 10 athletes will be required to submit another Athletics registration form for the Delegation's remaining athletes (there will be a link to "Submit another Response" once you submit this form). Delegations are required to provide qualifying scores for all events their athletes compete in. Qualifying scores should be obtained at your Delegation's Area Spring Games and will be used to properly division events by gender, age and ability. If you did not collect your Delegation's athlete qualifying scores at your Area Spring Games please contact the person that organized your Area's Spring Games (Generally the Area Manager is this person or they can assist you with who to contact) to locate your athletes qualifying scores.

You will need the following information to complete this registration process:
o HOD Email
o Athletics (Track & Field) Head Coach Email
o Athlete: Gender, Date of Birth, Events and Qualifying Scores

At anytime during this process you can always select the "Back" button (bottom of the form, to the left of the "Next" button) to go back and review/edit the data that you completed prior to your current section. Once this form is completed entirely and submitted (click "Submit" on the last section) the HOD & the Head Coach will receive an email (to the emails provided) with a PDF confirmation of you what was submitted. Changes to what your Delegation submitted can be made up until 2 weeks prior to the State Summer Games however, the sooner the better!

Athletes must have a current Athlete Medical and Release on file with SOMaine prior to Wednesday May 15th in order to be properly registered for the 2019 Summer Games. To check on your athletes medical and consent information contact Mike Littlefield, mikel@somaine.org or 207-879-0489. The Athlete Medical and Release can be found in the SOMaine Athlete Registration Packet, www.somaine.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/SOMaine-Athlete-Registration-2016.pdf. Medicals remain current for three years and the release is good forever (or until updated). The consent form was recently update in 2017. Any athlete with a consent form signed prior to January 1st, 2017 must submit a new updated consent. To check on your athletes medical and consent information contact Mike Littlefield, mikel@somaine.org.

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