Pisgah Art & Antique Market
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Payment is due at time of application. If your merchandise isn't a good fit we will issue a refund. By signing below and paying the invoice you are agreeing to the following: I am responsible for the collection and reporting of all necessary sales tax to the state of North Carolina. I assume full risk of loss, theft or damage to my merchandise and any personal property in my vendor space. I acknowledge that neither Pisgah Market nor Pisgah Brewing assume any responsibility to insure my merchandise. I indemnify and hold PIsgah Market and Pisgah Brewing and their employees harmless from any liability damage, cost or expense arising from my use of or activities in my spaces or the market premises or injury to persons or property resulting from any cause. I am responsible for the safety of persons within my space from merchandise or property including but not limited to furniture, fixtures, tents etc. I assume full responsibility for all merchandise I offer.
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