Face Shield Request Form
Please fill out this request form to inquire about face shields. We will try to get back to you as soon as we can estimate a time in which we will be able to provide. Please understand we have well over 35 people printing but we have requests for thousands of shields and we are doing our best.

Please know that:
- These will need to be sanitized before use.
- We will do our best to provide but we are getting requests from all over.
- There is no charge, but a donation for materials is welcomed.
- We may need you to pickup in Cold Springs, about 25 minutes north of downtown Reno.
- Each face shield takes one hour to produce.
- We are doing the best we can but time is not on our side.
- If you find yourself no longer in need, please let us know ASAP.

Donations can be made via paypal to katie@griffonco.com, at time of pickup/dropoff or through a sticker pack purchase on http://www.griffonco.com. If you don't want the stickers you can put in the quantity for the amount you wish to donate and just leave in the notes that you are not in need of the stickers.
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