The College of St. Scholastica Library Agreement to Upload Student Project/Thesis to ProQuest Database
The College of St. Scholastic Library collects student theses and projects from several graduate programs at the College. These documents are uploaded to ProQuest’s Dissertations and Theses database which is available to members of our college community as well as to other academic communities which subscribe to this service.

To include your project/thesis in the ProQuest database, we need your consent to upload the document. By adding your electronic signature to this form, you agree to ProQuest’s Traditional Publishing Agreement including the following provision for royalty fees in the event that your document is sold by the company:

“ProQuest will pay royalties of 10% of its net revenue from sales of the Work, conditioned on Author maintaining a current address on record with ProQuest. Royalties will be paid when accrued earned royalties reach $25.00 USD. If, after 25 years, earned royalties do not accrue to at least $25.00 USD, ProQuest's royalty payment obligation will cease.”

By signing this form, you also agree to ProQuest’s Privacy Policy and acknowledgement of these additional Terms and Conditions.

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