Teaching Survey
Please evaluate by selecting the best option to indicate the extent you agree or disagree with the statements relating to the above subject. Please use the following scale for your responses.

1=Not Applicable
2=Strongly Disagree
5=Strongly Agree

For questions that require you to enter text, please be concise but precise in your answer. Mandatory questions are marked with an *.

This is an anonymous survey. The required email data field after the submission of the evaluation survey serves only for verification purpose so that you can verify with us that you have participated in the survey successfully. Only the relevant Head of School and staff authorized by the Chief Executive Officer have access to the data you provide us.

Please take note of the date and time after you have submitted this survey form. These information together with the email address that you have provided will serve to help us verify your participation.

Please be reminded that participation in this survey is obligatory for all students. You may be asked to show proof of participation in order to be eligible in securing some administrative privileges and / or other services.

Which programme are you enrolled in? *
Choose only one answer from the list. If you cannot find your programme from this list it means that you have entered the wrong form!
Please choose the related survey code. *
Please choose the appropriate survey code which allow us to identify the course and the teaching staff involved.
1. The objectives of each lecture/lesson are made clear. *
2. A comprehensive syllabus/outline of the course are given at the beginning of the semester. *
3. The assessments and grading of the course are explained clearly at the beginning of the semester. *
4. All references are given in the beginning of the semester. *
5. Materials and references used for lectures are relevant and up to date. *
6. The objectives of the course are achieved. *
7. I can follow the course without any problem. *
8. In general, I am satisfied with this course. *
9. State the strengths and weakness of the course / subject you are taking.
Please provide your response in point form.
Your answer
10. Please suggest some ways of improving the course / subject.
Your answer
11. The lecturer is punctual for lectures. *
12. The lecturer returns marked test papers and assignments to students in good time. *
13. The lecturer relates the current lecture/lesson with the previous one. *
14. The lecturer always motivates his/her students and enhances their thinking skills. *
15. The lecturer constantly provides useful guidelines and gives advice to his/her students. *
16. The personality of the lecturer makes a considerable impact on his/her students. *
17. The lecturer is approachable and helpful. *
18. The lecturer is genuinely concerned about the students' progress. *
19. The lecturer uses a variety of methods and techniques in the delivery of lectures/lessons. *
20. The lecturers uses different types of audio visual aids in giving lectures (e.g: OHP, LCD Projector, TV, Radio Programmes) *
21. The lecturer can be contacted for consultation easily. *
22. The lecturer is knowledgeable in the subject matter. *
23. The lectures are interesting and informative. *
24. The lectures are systematically organized. *
25. The lectures are conducted at a reasonable speed. *
26. The lectures are presented enthusiastically and confidently. *
27. The lecturer motivates & encourages the students to participation in tutorials. *
28. The lecturer plays the role of an Academic Advisor well. *
29. The administrative procedure at Examination Section of the Registry is fair and easy to follow. *
30. Overall I am satisfied with the services provided by the staff at Registry. *
31. The University College's administrative staff are helping and effective in solving my problems. *
32. Recommendation/Remarks related to the administration and Registry of the University College
Please provide in point form any matters relating to the administration of the University College or the Registry that you would like to highlight.
Your answer
33. Overall I am satisfied with the services provided by the staff at Administration. *
34. The administrative procedure at Student Affairs & Services is fair and easy to follow. *
35. Overall I am satisfied with the services provided by the staff at Student Affairs & Services. *
36. The library staff respond clearly and accurately to my enquiries. *
37. The libraries provide adequate resources and material for my studies. *
Please rate the resources such as books, journals, databases, and other facilities provided by the two libraries of the University College.
38. How often do you use Library? Why?
Your answer
39. Please comment on any services you would like to see offered in the library that are currently unavailable?
Your answer
40. Do you stay in hostel? *
If yes, please go to Question number 37. If you are an international student staying in the University College's hostel, please complete all the questions from Question 35 to 44. If you do not stay in the hostel and is not an international student, please proceed straight to Question 45.
41. I am satisfied with the hostel's facilities?
Please answer this question ONLY if you stay in the University College's hostel.
42. All the facilities in the hostel are functioning well.
Please rate this in terms of whether the facilities provided in the hostel are in working order all the time.
43. The facilities provided in the hostel are sufficient for all the residents.
Please rate this in terms of how long you need to wait to access facilities such as the internet point at the hostel, access to bathroom facilities etc.
44. Please provide any recommendation or remark that you have about the University College's hostel services.
Your answer
45. Are you an International student? *
If yes, please go to Question number 41. If you are an international student who stays in the hostels, please answer all the questions from Question 35 to 44.
46. Staff at the International Office are good at helping me to solve my problems.
Please rate the overall service level provided the staff of the International Office in helping you settle down & with issues related to student visa, etc.
47. I am able to contact the International Office staff whenever I have urgent need of assistance.
This question rates the accessibility of the International Office's staff to assist you.
48. The staff has been helpful and assisting me upon my arrival.
This question rates the service provided by the International Office to receive students upon their arrival.
49. Please provide an further recommendation or remarks related to the operation of the International Office.
Your answer
50. On the whole I am satisfied with Han Chiang University College. *
This question rates your satisfaction with the overall performance of the University College.
51. On the whole I am satisfied with the programme that I am enrolled in. *
This question rates your satisfaction with the overall programme that you are enrolled in.
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