PPCDL Course Application Form For RSYC
Please fill up the form for enrolling for the PPCDL course at Republic of Singapore Yacht Club. You will receive payment instructions within 24 hours of filling up the form. Your enrollment will be confirmed once the payment is validated. A minimum of 10 signups is required in order for the class to commence. Prices are:
$340 for Non-RSYC Members
$300 for Full time Students
$280 for RSYC Members

Note that we have 2 modes of course delivery:

Classroom - 4 hours of online learning + 14 hours of classroom lessons + 7 hours of practical lessons
Virtual Classroom- 4 hours of online learning + 14 hours of learning via video conference + 7 hours of practical lessons

The theory session of the course will be held on the below selected two days on a weekend; after which, the practical session will be arranged on one day the following weekend/day and after. An email on the practical session schedule will be sent out to trainees after they have completed the theory session. They can reply to the email on their preferred practical slot.
If you are a member, please indicate your Republic of Singapore Yacht Club membership number
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Please indicate your FULL name as indicated in your NRIC or passport. This name will be printed on your certificate of attendance.
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This identification number will be indicated in your certificate of attendance and will be used for verification during your theory and practical tests.
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Please note that you must be of at least age 16 to be able to attend the course.
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By moving forward, you hereby agree that your personal details are correct and to be printed on the certificate. Please ensure details are same as your verification document (i.e NRIC or Passport). *
Declarations : 1) I declare that I am/my child is physically fit. 2) I declare that I am/my child is able to swim 50 meters with and without life jacket. 3) I declare that by enrolling myself/my child for and participating in Sea Sports Activities Course at RSYC, I will not hold RSYC, TBSA, its members, officers, employees, contractors and partners liable for any accident, loss, damage, injury suffered by my child or myself during the duration of this course, whether such accident, loss, damage or injury shall occur ashore or afloat. 4) I hereby confirm that myself/my child is participating in this course solely at his/her/my own risk and indemnify RSYC, TBSA, it’s members, officers, employees, subcontractors and partners in respect of any claim arising out of this course. 5) I understand that registration will only be confirmed by making full payment fee(s) for the above mentioned course. 6) My registration will be forfeited (with or without prior notice), if full payment is not made 2 weeks prior to course commencement. 7) My payment will be forfeited for no-show or if changes to the course dates are requested by me 5 or less working days from the date of the course. 8) My enrollment may be rescheduled if the minimum number of students for the class is not met. *
I am above 21 years of age *
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