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Thank you for your interest in Triangle Meeting Space.  The intention is to get back to you within 1 business day.  If you don't get a response within 1 business day, please text 919-614-9029 to Laura Rose or email

This is a non-smoking/non alcohol establishment
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Metal soled/heels, Taps and Stiletto heels damage our floors
If your event includes metal soled/heeled shoes, metal taps or stiletto heels - you will need to have and wear shoe-caps and heel stoppers/protectors to use that space and to protect the wood dance floors.
Describe the event and if you will be using Taps, Metal soled/heeled shoes or Stiletto heels. *
How many people will be attending? *
How many children? and how many under 10 years of age? *
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 Please double check to include your date times such as 1pm - 5pm (include any flexibility as well).   
Will you be needing this space once or multiple times?  
This is a no smoking/nonalcohol establishment
This establishment is not appropriate for large, rowdy parties.  We're located in a residential area with very specific noise/music restrictions.  It's not located in a commercial/night club area.
Will food and beverages be involved?  
Will there be alcohol ?  
 Will you need tables and chairs setup  (if so how many)?
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 Who will be responsible for payment?   
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