Matric Farewell Questionnaire
This Questionnaire is to determine the cost of your photoshoot. Please note that prices such as the location cost etc is not included in the price.
1) How many people will be joining? *
2) Does this include individual photos as well?
3) Which date do you have in mind? *
If you have not set a date. Please continue to question 6 to give an approximate.
4) Time? *
5) How long do you want the photoshoot to be? *
6) Do you have a location in mind?
If "yes" please fill in location name below.
Your answer
7) If no, What type of location are you looking for? *
8) Where do you need your photographer? *
Please specify the city and area
Your answer
9) How do you want your photos packaged? *
Please do note that this will influence your price. Only a link to google photos is included in our specials
10) Any comments/preference?
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