Rec Coach Schedule Request Form
This form is for SASC Rec. Coaches to provide scheduling constraints before the schedule is created.

SASC's policy is to schedule games so that Head Coaches are able to attend the most possible games. Requests that relate to assistant rec coaches will be honored if possible, but the priority is for Head Coaches. Requests that relate to availability of individual players will be ignored (unless there is a large group of the players involved - e.g. half the team participating in an early AM walk-a-thon).

Typical requests that would be honored include:
A coach who coaches multiple SASC Rec teams.
A coach who has work commitments on Saturdays at certain times.
A coach who has an immovable obligation (e.g. plane flight).
Requests that would not be honored include:
A coach who doesn't like to put up the nets for the first game, or doesn't like playing in the middle of the day, etc...

Please be as specific as possible - e.g. don't just ask for "an early game" on date xyz - say you need the game finished before 11am, or you need the "earliest possible" game.

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