SCLA Travel Questionnaire
Ms. Adams wants to provide great travel opportunities for SCLA students and their families during your high school career. We believe to become global and cultural leaders, we need opportunities to experience travel and see other parts of the world. We plan ahead to give you the most time to make monthly payments as small as we can to make trips as affordable for you. We also try to choose places that you may never have the opportunity to travel and are off the beaten path.

Parents and grandparents are welcome to travel with us! However- please know the tours are designed for teenagers and we move at a fast pace.

2019- Tour is full. Global Leadership Summit in Davos, Switzerland with tour of WWII sites.

*** Mr. Lathrop has room on his spring break tour to Greece. Contact him at
***Ms. Whiteley has room on her summer tour to Portugal. If you are interested in that, please contact her at

2020- Dominican Republic- with tour opening in September, 2018! Will include Zipline, kayak, hiking, snorkeling, surfing, cultural & environmental experiences.

2021- We have ideas! Please vote for what tour you would like to see and share with us your thoughts as we plan for the future. Sharing your thoughts is not a commitment to travel- it just helps us plan and see where there is interest.
I am a:
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In 2021 I am interested in visiting Africa
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In 2021 I am interested in visiting India
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In 2021 I am interested in visiting Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam
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I am interested in a student exchange program in China- Students would visit a Chinese School & stay in a home with a Chinese Family, in addition to visiting unique Chinese Sites. Date to be determined based on interest level.
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Any additional thoughts or questions you would like to share with us.
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