Bicycle Fashion Show
This is a fun runway/catwalk for you and your favorite bicycle. The best bicycle for the runway is a bike you love the most, not just because it is fancy or expensive. A cracked bike that taught you more about your body? Sounds great! A bicycle you hand painted? Perfect! A bike you made? Legendary!

There will be a panel of judges who will pick the top 3 based on the holy trinity criteria of style, sass, and spirit. How you dress yourself AND your bicycle will determine how these points are given. So perfect that supermodel walk, and strut your stuff hunny, we're all rooting for you! This will be the evening activity on Saturday night following the day of rides, speakers, and other type 2 fun. As of now, it is on the schedule for Saturday Night.

Everyone attending Nutmeg Nor'Easter strongly encouraged to apply. If selected, you and your bicycle will be walking for an audience of peers. We'll top the roll at 20 Supermodel Bikes. MC'd by Arya and Ron.
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