Energy Consumption Survey: Students
This is a survey created by MPSH Solar Students conducting research on the use of "vampire power" in our school and your homes as a part of our #TurnItOff campaign for our submission to the Lexus Eco Challenge. "Vampire power" is power wasted by the use of idle electronics and appliances. The issue has recently become more prevalent due to the increased presence of electrical appliances, such as televisions, printers, phone chargers, computers, and lights. Our mission is to raise awareness and provide solutions of how we can stop wasting needless energy, reducing our carbon footprints!
Do you turn off your lights when you walk out of your room? *
Do you unplug electronics, such as televisions and printers? *
Do you leave your phone plugged in over night? *
Do you leave chargers, i.e laptop, phone, etc. plugged in when not in use?
Look throughout your household. How many items are plugged in to a power source (whether they are connected to a device or not)?
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