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Liability Waiver - I agree to be governed by the rules of this event, which include the current Notice of Race instructions, the Sailing Instructions, and the current Racing Rules of Sailing of the United States Sailing Association. I acknowledge that I have sole responsibility for the safety of my crew and yacht, and am voluntarily participating in these races at my own and my crew's request, and at my own and my own crew's risk. I understand that yacht racing can be hazardous, and, as required by the Racing Rules, I accept the sole and exclusive responsibility for deciding whether or not to participate in or to continue a race. Further, I confirm that my yacht carries all of the safety equipment prescribed by my Yacht Class, the United States Sailing Association, the State of Idaho, and as required by the U.S. Coast Guard for inland waters, including adequate lifesaving equipment for all persons on board, and I will ensure that my entire crew wears personal buoyancy adequate for the conditions. I agree to hold harmless the Lake Pend Oreille Yacht Club, its Board of Directors, Race Committee and members for any incidents that may occur during any event organized by LPOYC. *
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