Pitch a Story for DPR's Spring 2021 Issue!
**This is a pitch and a query in one! If you are pitching a story, plan to write it!** This form will close at 5 pm on Thursday, February 18. If you have any questions, or want to suggest a story without pitching it, please email drakepoliticalreview@gmail.com.

Hi everyone! Welcome to virtual brainstorming/querying! If we accept your query, you will be notified of your assignment on February 19. After that, you will have one week to turn in an outline, three weeks to turn in a first draft, and two weeks to turn in a second draft. In other words, this is a semester-long commitment. If you are assigned a story, accepting that assignment means that you are committing to respecting all draft deadlines and keeping in contact with your editor. That said, you will have a ton of help along the way! You will work with an editor, but our whole staff is also able to help. This is a great way to get writing experience in your portfolio and to learn more about a topic you're interested in.

Also: we publish at the end of the semester. Keep this in mind with your pitch; consider if the topic will still be relevant in 2-3 months. We are a nonpartisan publication; keep this in mind as well. We also don't publish any stories specifically about Drake University, or stories that rely on Drake-affiliated sources.
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List at least two sources you would use. They can be vague for now (meaning it's okay if you haven't identified an actual named person yet), but when the outline is due in a week we'll ask for more specifics! Remember, no Drake sources. DPR can give assistance finding sources, too. *
Does this story best fit our local, national, or international category? *
Onto your second story idea, if you have one: this is if you want to write two stories, or if you have a backup in case we can't accept your main story for some reason, we get a similar pitch from someone else, or if you have another idea you'd like to see written but don't want to cover it yourself. Any of the above, just denote it below, and then explain the story and the angle.
List at least two sources.
Does this story best fit our local, national, or international category?
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Here you can offer any other story ideas you may have, going as in-depth as you want.
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