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Painting schemes
These are the painting schemes we offer (yellow color is only an example, you have to chose the color you like from the list below). If you want a completely custom painting choose painting scheme 3 and we will contact you via email to discuss your needs!
Painting scheme (standard)
Painting scheme ZEBRA (plus)
Custom design
Colors for painting
You can select any of these colors for your new model. The colored parts of the model are indicated in the painting schemes part with an example yellow color. These are just color examples not painting schemes. Painting scheme you have selected in the question above.
Painted tails
Color the same as main wing color. This feature is just for glass version.
Wing and tail bags
Maybe you want something different?
Maybe you want something different? Mad about weight? Write us about your ideas and together we will make something differente. For example: Samurai carbon wing / Double carbon wing for slope / Carboweawe 20g/m2 wing for rocket gliders, etc.
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