CO-ACME Scholarship Application
The Colorado Advisory Council on Military Education (CO-ACME) awards annual scholarships to deserving U.S. Military Service Members, Veterans, and their family members who are pursuing a higher education degree. The Scholarships are awarded based on character, leadership, and the potential for academic success as expressed in your essay. Applicants must be currently attending or committed to attend during the 2020-2021 academic year. Students who have been selected to attend a Military Service Academy are not eligible. The award for the 2020-2021 academic year is 4 (four) $500 scholarships.

In order to qualify for the scholarship, you must:
1. Be physically located in Colorado AND
2. Be a current or former member of the military (Active Duty, Reserve Component, or National Guard) or a dependent of a current or former member of the military AND
3. Be currently attending or have been accepted into an accredited college or university, up to and including master’s degrees, or in a vocational, career, or technical education program with a current CO-ACME member school.

The Scholarship Selection Committee will score all applications and select the scholarship recipients. The scholarship selection process is nondiscriminatory and Scholarship Committee members’ immediate family members are not eligible for a scholarship award nor can they benefit financially in any way from this program. Priority of awards goes first to students who are attending institutions that are members of CO-ACME. There is no specified restriction on the use of scholarship award monies; however, it is the intent of the committee that they be utilized in the direct support of academic pursuits.

Complete application packages must include the following (only complete packages will be considered):
• Application form (completely filled out). Applicants must use this online form.
• An official or unofficial transcript of your high school and/or (as applicable) any colleges / vocational schools attended. Transcripts should be included with the application package and not be mailed separately by the institution. Email transcripts to
• A copy of a current LES (Leave and Earnings Statement) or DD214 with SSN blocked out.

Essay Information:
• Submit a two (2) to three (3) page essay on the topic of how your life experiences in the military (or as a military dependent) can be applied toward your success as a student in your chosen field of study. Consider addressing any/all of the following in your essay:
• What strengths did you develop that can help you (or did help you) transition from active duty/veteran/family member to be a successful student?
• What college/university resources have you used/can use to help you reach your academic goals and how can/did they help?
• What advice would you give to a new student who is transitioning from a military environment to college culture?

You essay should be formatted with:
• 1-inch margins
• 12-point Times New Roman Font
• Double-spaced
• Your last name in the header

1. Review your application to ensure all questions are complete and submit.
2. Submit application prior to after midnight MST on December 11, 2020. Late applications will not be accepted. Application materials cannot be returned.
3. Scan transcripts, LES or DD214 and other documents into a .pdf file prior and email to the selection committee at (Files in formats other than .pdf will be considered incomplete applications and not be reviewed for the scholarship award.)

Each scholarship recipient will be notified of his/her selection no later than January 8, 2021. It is the intent of the committee that the money be used in direct support of academic pursuits.
For additional information, please contact the committee at
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