Special Guardians and Adopters Together Membership Application
We are a peer led, peer supported campaigning group for Special Guardians and Adopters to work together and reflect on what needs to change. We hope you won't mind taking a few minutes to complete this form to become a member of our Facebook discussion group. This is a 'secret' Facebook group, only open to Adopters and Special Guardians - this means, according to the Facebook definition, it cannot be searched for by non members. If you are not a Special Guardian or Adopter and would like to support our campaigns please send us an email adopterstogether@gmail.com. All information submitted on this form will be treated in the strictest confidence and only visible to the management group. The information you provide, which is stored on google drive, will help us to focus our campaigning on issues that are most important to members and facilitate the group. We safeguard the identity of our members to create a supportive, safe and confidential discussion forum. By submitting this form you consent to your information being stored on the google drive in accordance with data protection requirements and regulations.  

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How did you hear about us?
Which Local Authority are you under?
Who is your MP?
When was the Adoption or Special Guardianship Order made?
Are you a member of any  adoption organisations or Facebook groups about adoption or related issues? If so, which?
Do you know any members of SG&AT or Potato? Is there anyone who can vouch for you as an adoptive parent or special guardian who is a member of these groups?
Please tell us why you would like to join our group.
Are there any specific issues you would like us to campaign for with you? What do you think needs to change?
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