Ohio University National Residence Hall Honorary Spring 2019 Application
Thank you for your interest in the Ohio University Joseph A. Burke Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)! Established in 1964, NRHH nationally recognizes outstanding student leaders who live on campus and contribute their time and energy to enhancing the residence hall experience for other students. This year, the Department of Housing and Residence Life (HRL) is rebuilding the Bobcat Chapter and is looking for students who are dedicated to leadership, service and recognition across campus and in the greater Athens community.

Self-nominations and nominations for membership from other student leaders, any Housing and Residence Life staff, and other campus administrators will be accepted. Candidates must meet the minimum requirements listed below and complete the application questions including providing a name of a OHIO faculty or staff member who can speak to your leadership experiences and abilities.

Candidates must

Be currently enrolled as an Ohio University student.
Have lived in the residence halls/ on-campus for a minimum of 1 semester including the current semester.
Have and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.50.
Be in good disciplinary standing with the University conduct system and HRL.
Exhibit outstanding leadership and service in the residence halls and/or on campus as well as an understanding of the values of NRHH and HRL.
Successfully selected candidates will be expected to attend an induction ceremony in late October as well as attend future all member meetings. More information regarding induction and the meetings will be provided at a later date. Applications are due by Thursday, Feburary 14, 2019 at 11:59pm. Incomplete applications will not be accepted for review.

If you have any questions regarding this application or NRHH in general, please contact Kellee Steffen (NRHH advisor) at steffenk@ohio.edu or Amy Shook (NRHH President) at as984316@ohio.edu.

First Name *
Last Name *
PID Number (This will NOT be shared outside the selection committee and will only be used as an identifier in our blind selection process.) *
Current hall *
Current year in school *
Number of full semesters lived in the residence halls (including the current semester) Note: you must be currently living on campus and have lived on campus for at least 1 semester to apply to NRHH.
Please respond to the following essay questions, please keep in mind the values of NRHH: Leadership, Service, and Recognition as well as the HRL values: Equity, Wellbeing, Learning, Community, Service, and Integrity.

Please write no more than 500 words per answer.

What do you know about NRHH and why would you like to be a member of this organization? *
Please explain your motivation to be a leader in the residence halls and on campus and how you can get other motivated to be involved as well. What drove you to become involved? Why do you do what you do? What ideas do you have to get other students involved on campus? *
Describe your past involvement and leadership experience on or off campus and how those have contributed to your experience at OHIO.
One of the values of NRHH is recognizing others for their contributions to campus. Explain why you think it is important to recognize others and some of the ways you think NRHH could create a culture of appreciation on campus. *
Please provide the name and e-mail of 1 or 2 OHIO faculty or staff members that could speak upon your abilities as a student leader on campus. It is highly recommended that you speak with the person(s) you list ahead of time as they may be contacted to gain additional information about you as a candidate if needed. *
By typing your full name below you certify the information in this application is correct. You also give HRL permission to check grade and conduct records to ensure you meet the minimum GPA requirement (2.5) and are in good disciplinary standing at OHIO. *
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