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All service times are now full. [as of 5/17 9am]

This signup form is now for a waiting list for those who would like to attend if space opens up. We will continue our live stream so that people can participate online in the mean time. Thank you for your understanding

Service Times are 8:30; 10:30; 12:30. For the time being there will not be a 4th service.

Please note that SOW Education Department will not be meeting in person but will continue their online material. It will be the parent's decision to bring children to church if they are old enough to maintain physical distancing & safety measures on their own. We recommend, as an option, that if you have younger children, parents can alternate between different services.

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1. Please include children in the number if you plan to bring your children. There won't be SOW Education drop off. 2. The decision to bring children will be up to the parents; however, children should be old enough to maintain physical distancing on their own or be able to stay with parents during their time at church.
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