Code Girls United Board of Directors Application Form
Thank you for your interest in joining the Code Girls United Board. Board members serve a minimum of (1) three year term and are eligible to serve (2) consecutive terms.

Code Girls United Mission is to prepare young girls to be successful in a career that includes technology. We provide training for girls in computer coding and business skills in order to give them practical technology expertise and problem solving skills.

The number of girls in high school or college computer classes is less than 10%. By introducing them to coding in Middle School, the girls get an idea if programming is something that they are good at and if they like it. 60% of girls in girls coding programs nationally go on to take computer science classes in college.

Code Girls United is looking for Board members who can act as leaders, are non-Self Serving, share a passion for the Mission Statement, are willing to work diligently and actively for the organization, will participate in fundraisers, will actively attend and participate in board meetings and committee meetings, have a local connection, will submit committee reports in advance of board meetings, can commit to personally making a financial contribute to the organization, and will volunteer at the annual competition. If you feel that you have these qualifications, please complete this form to provide useful information about yourself.
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