Grinnell Recycling Survey
Imagine Grinnell's works to keep our community a wonderful place to live and as you may know, Grinnell will soon be discontinuing curbside recycling. This quick survey aims to determine the waste reduction habits of our community and identify sustainable, community-friendly solutions to waste management. Thank you for your time. If you have questions or concerns, please message us on facebook: or email
1. What do you do with your household waste?
(Select all that apply)
2. How important are the following when you are deciding whether to recycle?
Very important
Moderately important
Slightly important
Not at all important
Environmental sustainability
Instructions on identifying what is recyclable
Travel distance
Quantity of waste
3. How much do you recycle in a typical month?
(How often you put a full recycle bin on the curb for pickup)
4. How many yellow bags do you generate in a typical month?
(How often you put bags of regular trash the curb for pickup)
5. Indicate your thoughts and habits on waste
I purchase products with minimal packaging
I am satisfied with my waste management options in Grinnell
I bring my own containers when shopping to avoid waste
I opt for reusable products (dishware, water bottles, utensils, etc.)
6. Indicate your agreement or disagreement for each statement related to the Grinnell recycling center
Neither agree nor disagree
I can find the recycling center
I have used the recycling center
I know when the center is open
I am willing to take my recyclables to the recycling center on a regular basis
The recycling center is easy to use
7. Indicate your beliefs about recycling
Strongly Agree
Somewhat Agree
Somewhat Disagree
Strongly Disagree
I can describe what happens to items when they have been recycled
Recycling protects wildlife
Recycling reduces climate problems
Recycling preserves resources
Recycling saves energy
Recycling supports the economy
Recycling is the right thing to do
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