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Remember to mail your payment to the registrar/treasurer once you have registered: www.newyearsgathering.org/payment.htm
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See the travel page for more information about getting to the Gathering: www.newyearsgathering.org/travel.htm
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The actual cost of attending the Gathering is around $250 per person (above 3 years old), covering food and site costs. We recognize the different financial circumstances of our community members and offer a sliding scale for guidance. If your means enable contributions of greater than $250, we encourage you to pay more so that Friends who are more limited financially can receive scholarships.

No one will be turned away for lack of funds. We ask that Friends who require additional assistance first approach their local meetings and other scholarship sources for assistance.

Suggested rates for children: $100 for ages 3-9, $130 for ages 10-12 (children ages 0-2 are free), 250 for above 13 (to offset the children costs)

Please mail your payment to the Registrar once you have registered: www.newyearsgathering.org/payment.htm
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Sliding Scale: $100-250
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Additional Contribution Toward Scholarships
Contributions are voluntary, and are greatly appreciated. Please consider contributing a little extra if you are able.
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If you are an attender or member of a monthly meeting then before applying for a scholarship directly from New Years Gathering we ask that you first contact your meeting to ask for assistance with the registration/travel costs for NYG. Most monthly meetings are happy to sponsor young Friends to attend Quaker gatherings.
Dates of Attendance
Please commit to staying for the entire Gathering; this deepens the spiritual and social life of the group and makes the logistics like food purchase and preparation run smoothly. However, we recognize you may have outside commitments that make this impossible.

If you do not intend to be at the Gathering the entire time (from the evening of December 28 to the morning of January 2), please indicate this below, including when you will arrive and/or depart, as much as you know at this time.
Attendance Comments
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In an effort to make the gathering welcoming and comfortable for both parents and young children, we provide some volunteer-run childcare.
Are you bringing children with you? If so, list their names and ages
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At what points during Gathering do you expect you need assistance with childcare?
(e.g. during worship sharing groups, during meal prep, nap time help)?
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What kinds of activities do your children most enjoy?
(e.g. reading, art project, outdoor games)
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Any other comments you have regarding your children, their needs, or your needs as a parent at Gathering?
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Do you have any dietary needs?
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Do you have any accessibility concerns?
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Is there any other information you would like to share with the coordinators of the Gathering that would help us as we prepare?
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