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Welcome to join in NiHao! The purpose of this form is to gather volunteer membership information for our membership management. Thank you for your support!
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Volunteer Liability Waiver and Agreement
All volunteers participating in a NiHao Food Bank Initiative Event are required to read the liability policies and submit a digitally signed consent form using the online form below.

As a volunteer, I release and hold harmless NiHao Food Bank Initiative, including its the organizers, doners, promoters, volunteers, and anyone who works with NiHao Food Bank Initiative, as well as North Texas Food Bank or any other food bank organizations and their employees and agents (each a “Nihao Participant”), from any and all claims, costs, suits, actions, judgments or expenses upon any damage, loss or injury to me or to my property which may arise from this volunteer event, whether or not resulting from any negligence of any Nihao Participant.

I further acknowledge that I am fully aware of all potential risks associated with the volunteer activities and that I have no medical condition that prevents me from engaging in such activities.

I also give permission to be photographed by NiHao Participant or anyone they invite for use in any form and occasion related to the mission of NiHao Food Bank Initiative.
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