SGA Officer Candidacy Application for 2019-2020
Please review the Officer Qualifications posted on the MCC website before completing this application (Swipe on Current Students tab and vist the SGA link)

Please answer all questions below. Completed application must be submitted electronically by 4:00pm on March 11, 2019. Please contact Vanessa Tripp, SGA Advisor, with questions (Building 1, room 22A; 252-789-0293;

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What is your cumulative GPA? (Officers must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5) *
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I plan to be enrolled as a student at MCC for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020. *
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Please include a brief statement regarding why you are running for an SGA officer postion and why you believe you are qualified for this position. Your statement should be at least 50 words but no more than 250 words. (This information may be published by MCC as part of the election process.) *
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Indicate your understanding and agreement to the following terms: By completing and submitting this form as a candidate for SGA office, I affirm that *
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I am enrolled as an active curriculum student at MCC.
I have and will maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 during service as an officer.
I will maintain a minimum of 9 credit hours per semester in a curriculum program (summer semesters excluded) as evidenced by full payment of tuition.
I have completed at least one full term semester at MCC. If I am running for President, I affirm I have completed at least 24 degree program hours at the 100 course level or above and am not a graduate of MCC or any other higher education institution.
If elected, I will faithfully seek to fulfill the responsibilities of my office.
I agree to have my photo and statements submitted in this application to be published by MCC as part of the election process.
I understand that I will be notified once my request for candidacy has been approved or denied.
I agree to abide by the SGA Constitution and Bylaws (adopted January 15, 2019).
Following submission of this application, I agree to send a photo of myself to to be used for election purposes. *
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