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PLEASE NOTE: Data collection begins 5/1/17. if you sign up, please email to receive details on participation.

We are very pleased that you are interested in ManyBabies 1, our multi-site study of variability and effect size for the infant-directed speech preference. More information about the study – including our under-review protocol – can be found here: If you have specific questions about the procedures for the study, detailed instructions for contributors can be found here:

Filling out this form expresses your intention to collect data for the ManyBabies project within the next year. You will be added to a contributors list and we will send you more information about contributing and then periodically check in about your progress. This is not a binding commitment but we would prefer that you not submit until you are relatively certain that you'll be able to contribute.

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(For example, the email address for a student/RA who you would like to receive information along with you.)
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Which method(s) do you plan to you use to test participants? *
We are currently focusing on three experimental methods. If you have none of them set up in your lab or plan to set them up in the near future, we would still welcome your contribution in other ways and you are welcome to contact us directly.
How many babies can you contribute within a year?
Please indicate how many infants you plan to test during the data collection period (one year) in each age bin. Note that the number you commit to INCLUDES babies who are later excluded, e.g. for fussiness. Indicate "full block" for 32 participants, "half block" for 16, or "several blocks" if you anticipate recruiting more than N = 32 in a particular age bin.
Half Block (N = 16)
Full Block (N = 32)
More than one block
3;0 - 6;0-month-olds
6;0 - 9;0-month-olds
9;0 - 12;0-month-olds
12;0 - 15;0-month-olds
Which language(s) do your participants typically speak? *
Note that we are focusing on monolingual infants. If you want to recruit bilingual participants, data collection will be coordinated separately. For information about the bilingual project, please contact Krista Byers-Heinlein (
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If there are caveats to your participation, please let us know here.
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Would you like to apply for funding to participate in ManyBabies 1? *
We have a small amount of funding from the Association for Psychological Science that is earmarked for participating labs to cover costs for research assistants and participant reimbursements (~$2,000 - $5,000 US per lab). Please keep in mind that the total amount of available funding is quite low and so we will reserve it for labs that need it most. We will award funding based on the following criteria: A) the availability of other research support and ability to participate absent the grant funds, B) the amount of data to be collected, and C) features of the lab population and data collection method, privileging contributors who can broaden or balance the demographics of the project sample (e.g., by adding underrepresented age groups, language groups, or data collection methods).
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