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"As an organization, ISTE is committed to cultivating a community of educators whose diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences inform and enhance the practice of all educators."

At the Equity Action Forum held at ISTE19, experts shared how they catalyze change and participants unpacked big issues surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion with a focus on action.

One such action is Growing ME, a pilot program to match our mentors with new diverse educators (0-5 years) to help them with career access and navigating the first few years of teaching as leading as persons of color.

This survey is being sent to solicit your interest in being part of our pilot program.

ISTE Equity Action Forum Group 10 members Dr. Jean Kiekel, Dr. Tracy Daniel-Hardy, Dr. Michael S. Mills, Julianne Ross-Kleinmann, Nicci Dowd, and Team Facilitator Natalia LeMoyne Hernandez

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