JMBLYA 2018 On-Site Ambassador Application
This is the application to be an on-site ambassador for the JMBLYA Music Festival 2018. All job descriptions are listed in detail at the bottom of the form. If you have any questions please email us at We are currently only accepting applications for Dallas on May 4.
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Positions Available
Safety Ambassador: Work to support the festival health and safety operations to help encourage responsible and sustainable decisions attendees. Safety ambassadors will provide an extra set of eyes and ears, a helping hand, and a compassionate resource to patrons in need. Duties may include: Greet patrons at entry, assist patrons at water stations to encourage hydration, work in barricades to pass out water to patrons, roam the venue to provide directions, answer questions, and promote positive vibes and patrol the venue to identify those in need of assistance and call the appropriate resources to assist. *Preferred Qualifications: customer service, medical, or mental health work experience, ability to work in fast-paced, high-stress environments, experience using a two-way radio, CPR certification.

Box Office Ambassador: Box Office Ambassadors are the first faces our guests see upon entering the festival. The primary duty is to be courteous, thoughtful, and helpful to each and every guest as they enter the event. Duties include but are not limited to: scanning tickets, securing wristbands, setting up and striking box office, answering questions, and guiding/greeting guests. Must be outgoing, well informed and have excellent communication skills. Be flexible; you may need to assist with other areas.

Merch Ambassador: Responsible for selling, organizing, and counting JMBLYA and artist merchandise. Must have close attention to detail for accurate counts, and excellent customer service and communication skills. Experience with inventory or merchandise management is a plus. Lifting is required.

Hydration Ambassador: Hydration Ambassadors will help JMBLYA achieve its goal to keep fans and staff hydrated throughout the event. Hydration Ambassadors are responsible for making sure the water stations run as efficiently as possible. You may need to help with line management during peak hours. Excellent customer service and communication skills are a must.

Fan Ambassador: This team is dedicated to helping fans by greeting guests inside the entrance, answering questions at the Information booth, coordinating lost and found services, and distributing sponsor coupons to attendees. The information booth is also where fans with disabilities may ask questions about ADA accommodations. You will receive information and training prior to your shift to be well-equipped to answer these questions. Be flexible; you may be asked to assist with other areas. Some lifting may be required, as you will help set up and strike the information booth and materials. A welcoming attitude and excellent communication skills are a must.

Sponsor Ambassador: This team will serve as brand ambassadors for JMBLYA's sponsors. Responsible for assisting sponsorship team with distribution of sponsor giveaways, assisting with sponsor activations, and generally supporting the sponsorship manager as needed. Excellent communication skills and customer service are a must. Some lifting may be required.

Ambassador Assistant: Responsible for welcoming ambassadors to their shift, facilitating ambassador check in, and stocking supplies at the check in location. Ambassador check-in is the first stop for dozens of JMBLYA's employees. You will help set the tone, so a welcoming attitude and excellent communication skills are a must.

Inventory Ambassador: This team will help the inventory manager count, manage, distribute and pack festival supplies. Lifting and organizational skills are required for this role.

Production Office Ambassador: Gain experience in the festival production office by assisting with the heart of the operation. The production office supports every aspect of the festival. This team is responsible for organizing the office, helping with distribution of radios and supplies, and generally assisting Office Manager with any needs that arise. Some lifting is required.

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JMBLYA 2018 Ambassador Guidelines
* Must be at least 18 years or older on or before May 2, 2018.
* Work a 8-12 hour shift assigned by coordinator.
* Must check in 30 minutes prior to shift with coordinator/ area lead and check out after all shifts.
* Wear sturdy, closed toed shoes (preferably athletic shoes).
* Provide a valid working email and phone number.
* Be prepared! This is an outdoor festival so you will need to plan accordingly (i.e., wear a hat and sunscreen).
* Prepare in advance for your shift: preparation includes reviewing all Attend Ambassador Orientation/Role Training.
* Food is not provided so bring snacks or expect to purchase food.
* Failure to perform duties as expected/required may result in my dismissal from the Ambassador Program and will affect future placement in the program.
* Ambassadors must complete duties in a satisfactory way (reporting on time for shifts, staying the entire shift, wearing appropriate attire during shift, respecting other ambassadors, staff, performers, and fans of the festival).
* Use of alcohol and/or controlled substances before or while on duty is strictly prohibited. Violators will be subject to immediate dismissal from the Ambassador Program.
Are you able to meet ALL of the above JMBLYA 2017 Ambassador Guidelines? *
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