Veil Translation Campaign
General rules:

► We will be using Transifex to complete the translations for this project. This allows us to regular updates and assign new content for translation. We expect long-term co-operation from our translators as we will be providing regular work
► Detailed and regularly updates rules regarding translations can be found on this spreadsheet. Accepted participants will be expected to check this regularly.
► Translators will be expected to regularly update and moderate their announcement thread by posting translated localized content taken from the Veil social media, including Twitter, Medium, Telegram or elsewhere, and responding to queries. Translators found not maintaining their threads may be removed for the next payment round.
► Your translations must be original. Use of any automatic translation tools is not allowed. You will be blacklisted if we find out.
► You must apply using the reservation form above. Check back regularly to see if you have been accepted. Once accepted, you will become our permanent translator for the project and will receive monthly rewards for your work.
► We are not responsible for translations completed without approval. Wait until you are approved before you start your work to avoid disappointment.
► Note that translations must be professional, high quality, and must retain the initial style of the content. Poor quality translations will be rejected.
► If your translation alters the number of pages, then you must correct the page numbers and index.
► Once the translation is complete, post them in this thread and then drop the link to the post in here.

⚠️ Note that you MUST join the telegram community ⚠️ We will reject any applicants that ignore this rule.
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