Singapore Tenants United For Fairness (SG TUFF) By-Mall/Operator Collective Negotiation Sign-Up
1. SG TUFF is an informal community of commercial frontline business tenants (Retail/F&B/Services) whose shop businesses are impacted significantly by COVID-19. Today, we already have 1560 shops, 403 brands, 13767 workforce, 2.3 million sq ft of retail space and over $1.5 billion in revenues represented in this still growing community. We have been positively and actively engaging with all relevant trade associations and government agencies on our 2 priorities of Community Self-Help and Collective Negotiation By-Mall/Operator.

2. This submission is for business owners/authorised representatives who want to sign-up their shops for BY-MALL/OPERATOR COLLECTIVE NEGOTIATION to ask for better rental rebates and support.

3. Please submit A NEW FORM for each shop space you want to include for collective negotiation.

4. ALL DATA AND INFORMATION SUBMITTED WILL BE KEPT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL FROM MALL/OPERATORS. Only SG TUFF Admin and authorised personnel from Enterprise Singapore will have access to this data.

5. After submission, you will be assigned to the relevant by-mall/operator tenant private messaging groups to be a part of this community and the collective negotiation process for your respective shop(s).

6. Please double check your responses before hitting the SUBMIT button. Responses cannot be edited after submission.
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