Better Food Christmas Orders
We’re proud to bring you the best Christmas meat, poultry and fish from some of our farming heroes. It’s all local and all from herds, stocks and flocks bred for flavour and reared naturally under the best standards of animal welfare.
Free Range Turkey from Bishop Vale Farm
Bill and Emma Yeats from Bishop Vale rear traditional bronze turkeys on their farm near Wedmore, Somerset. We're delighted by the natural way these outdoor-bred birds roam and roost. The resulting flavour is worth the extra effort.
Please choose your preferred size of whole turkey (£14.95/kg). If you have a preferred weight requirement, enter it on page 8
Whole Turkey 3.5kg to 5kg
Whole Turkey 5kg to 7kg
Whole Turkey Over 7kg
Turkey Crown (£21/kg)
Turkey Crown 2kg to 4kg
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