W <3 Games SHOWROOM - Call for Studios/Teams
W Love Games Conference 2021 in Helsinki wishes to give opportunity for game developers worldwide to present their games globally!

We welcome teams, no matter of their seniority, to submit proposal for showing their demo/mvp, pre-launched or already published game as part of the W Love Games Showroom. As the conference is planned to be a hybrid event, we will work together with the teams in deciding on a virtual or "live" booth at the venue. Venue has limited space for enabling 10 physical booths, while virtual booths are open to any number of teams. All booths will be accessible online and promoted throughout the event and in the conference proceedings.

Booths are free and open for everyone. Collected information will be used for event organization only.

NOTE: We will not accept product or vendor-related submissions as an advertisement for a new product, technology or service offering to game developers.

Submissions close on October 1st at 18:00 (EEST).

For more information please contact Lead Organizer, Natasha Skult (natasha.skult@igda.fi)
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For any further questions or needed information please do not hesitate to contact Lead Organizer - Natasha Skult (natasha.skult@igda.fi)
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