Help Design the GPR Series 11 Drinking Game
Based on the beginning rule set we brainstormed in GPR episode 336, here are some of the proposed rules for a drinking game that could be applied to virtually ANY episode of Doctor Who from Series 11, along with the "consequence" that goes along with each.

(If you have a completely new rule you think should be added, feel free to append it to the list, so we can consider it!)

Lastly, we'll ask that you pick which S11 episode would make the best "proving grounds" for the game. Have at it!
Every time Graham has or mentions food... *
When the Doctor utters a Northern/Yorkshire expression... *
If the Doctor explicitly says "brilliant"... *
Any time someone says "grand-dad"... *
Every time Grace is mentioned (or is seen) posthumously... *
Any time the Doctor pulls something from her pocket... *
When the Doctor is uncomfortable or 'at a loss' in a situation... *
If the Doctor specifically admits fault... *
Every time the Doctor name-drops or humble-brags... *
Any time Ryan says "...wot?"... *
Each time a group scene ends, and Yaz has had no lines... *
Any time Yaz references being a police officer, or does something specifically based on her police occupation... *
If the Doctor references a past regeneration (or change of gender)... *
Each time pre-Series 11 Whovian canon is referenced... *
Every time the Doctor uses a new term (like "my fam") to refer to her set of companions... *
YOUR TURN: Is there a rule you'd like to see added (and if so, what's the consequence)?
IMPORTANT: What Series 11 story should the GPR team use to play this game in a LIVE rewatch for our 350th episode? *
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