H E I S T Playtest Feedback
This form is for submitting feedback of the playtest for H E I S T, a tabletop roleplaying game (https://madpierrot.itch.io/heist). After playtesting the game, I would really appreciate if each player could complete the survey. If that's not possible, fill this out as a group as soon as you can after play.
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Did the rules feel complete to you? *
If not, what felt like it was missing and what did you use in play?
Was this hard to learn to play? *
If so, what felt complicated?
Do you think a rules reference would be helpful? *
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Did your group complete their heist? *
If not, do you think you should have?
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Did it feel like you were able to tell a complete story? *
What was your favorite thing about the game?
What was your least favorite thing about the game?
Did you use the Cinematic Death mechanic? *
How did you use your Cinematic Death?
Was there a move or mechanic that felt too potent or not potent enough?
If you could make one change about the game, what would it be?
Would you want to play H E I S T again, either as a playtest or as a finished game? *
Any other comments about the game or your play session?
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