The Marvels of JIAR
Marvels of JIAR inspires youth to pursue and promote STEM skills and Islamic values focused on education, training, coaching, and mentoring. A ROBOTICS INITIATIVE FOR THE MUSLIM YOUTH through a network of Marvels teams in multiple Masajid across the U.S.

There are two age groups:
FLL: First Lego League (9-14) - Lego based robots
and FTC: First Tech Challenge (12-18) - Larger size, more advanced robots

** This is open only for K-12 students. College students can participate as coaches but not as team members.

Note: This program will be hosted at Jamaat Ibad Ar-rahman at Parkwood. Teams will periodically meet there and will participate in competitions around NC.

*1 form Response is needed for EACH child.*

Please expect to bring your children in to interview with us Saturday August 26th, from 2pm-4pm.
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